About Us

Rita Laurence Ngarambe Founder & Executive Director

Rita Laurence Ngarambe is a humanitarian activist and youth leader, founder of United for humanity organization and a poet. She is currently crowned as Queen of Emancipation Canada and Miss face of humanity Rwanda. Ngarambe, R. has also shown interest in various aspects of charity work.

She dedicated her life’s work to help better and bring the best of our humanity in unity and love.

Board Members


Doriane Kundwa,

Vice Chair

Crowned Miss Rwanda 2015, Doriane is passionate about youth and women’s health. This passion brought her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science with expected graduation in May 2023.


Angelique Ingabire


As a child, Angelique was fascinated by how vital sign monitors can understand a patient’s heart or how a watch can tell time. Angelique’s natural curiosity, and ability to solve complex problems is a vital beacon for United For humanity’s Mission and vision. She is a computer engineering student at York university, a leader and equity advocate.


Joyeuse Mutoni


Joyeuse Mutoni is a humanitarian activist and a business woman who deliberatly focuses her work on training young entrepreneurs, while sharing the resources that can help lead to a bright, independent and sustainable future. She holds a financial management diploma in business.


Candace Warren


Candace Warren aspires to work at a position that promotes cooperation worldwide, to fight pressing issues such as transnational crimes, climate change, human displacement and others… She utilizes the knowledge she acquired during her Master’s degree in International Affairs and her bachelor degree in Criminology. Her previous work experience was with international organizations where she shared knowledge and developped connections around the world. She brings a valuable perspective to our team.


Caleb Mabano


Caleb Mabano is a father, a husband, and a passionate community Leader who continues to uplift, inspire and motivate leaders. He leads initiatives that tackle social issues in pursuit of hope, peace and prosperity of the human race. Caleb holds Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Lansbridge University, New Brunswick, Canada; Master of Science in Finance from College of Financial Planning, Colorado, USA; and BSc in Finance from La Roche University, Pittsburgh, USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

is a non-profit organization that brings people together for common causes to raise awareness and convert possible solutions into actions to address humanity’s most pressing issue through the creation and establishment of safe spaces.

Our activities Include Fundraising , Event hosting and Advocacy work. Which have been designed based on the conviction that, in order to increase awareness and to solve the most pressing issues that humanity faces to day multiple institutions and actors need to participate at different levels and are empowered to do so, thus partnership is the hallmark of each project approach, integrating many diverse players in the common effort to archive our common goal which is rooted in Peace , Unity , love and freedom.

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Be part of the change makers of the world who are impacting lives here contact us: unitedforhumanity1@gmail.com

Our Mission

Through inclusion mobilize for global justice

Our vission

Create global solidarity movements by developing a local culture of inclusiveness and equity. Through a safe space we establish a foundation to work through humanity’s most pressing issues; resolving injustice through cross-cultural dialogue.

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